Forecourt Assist North East Limited and thousands of customers we attend on a yearly basis know how easy it can be to fill up with the wrong fuel in a vehicle by either putting petrol into a diesel car or diesel into a petrol car. It's no surprise that we are attending vehicles that have been filled up with AdBlue® into a Diesel Fuel Tank. AdBlue® in a fuel tank is a major problem - it's every vehicle owners worst nightmare. The first bit of advice that I can offer you is "do not attempt to drive off" the forecourt. Leave the vehicle at the Fuel Stations Pumps and call Forecourt Assist North East Limited from a safe location, or if you have driven your vehicle and you are a hazard to other road users please immediately contact your breakdown company immediately.

Our specialist fuel draining vehicles have been adjusted to assist customers who have filled up with AdBlue® within a vehicle fuel tank. We offer an on-the-spot, roadside/forecourt mobile service in the North East of England.

Filling up with AdBlue® into your vehicle's diesel fuel tank can cause some very serious problems, especially when driven as the urea is present within the vehicles fuel system. AdBlue® is designed for the exhaust system, treating harmful chemicals built up from the engines cycle and these harmful deposits leaving the vehicles exhaust. AdBlue® is not for the engine, and therefore many parts of the vehicles fuel system are not compatible with the urea based AdBlue® fluid. Contaminating your diesel with AdBlue® can result in costly engine repairs and the need to replace many parts, not to mention the fact that the tank needs to be drained and the contaminated product needs to be disposed of in a safe manner.

If you've put AdBlue® into your fuel - Forecourt Assist North East Limited are the solution!

What's the procedure?

  1. Call Forecourt Assist North East Limited technician directly on our 24hr mobile number 07769181136
  2. Our Technician will ask you general information regarding the vehicle and the nature of the misfuel of AdBlue®.
  3. A technician will get out to you within 90 minutes.
  4. All work is carried out at the location of the vehicles breakdown. NOTE - if the vehicle is in a hazardous area we strongly advise calling your recovery company.
  5. The technician carries out the work, it can take from 30-90 minutes depending on type of job (i.e driven, amount of fuel, etc... )
  6. We then advise you or the driver the best advice for the circumstances of the contamination of AdBlue®.
  7. The vehicle is fixed and the vehicle is perfectly ok to continue on with its work.

WE WORK ON A "NO START NO FEE POLICY". If we can't get your vehicle started, we don't charge you. What have you got to lose?

This service from Forecourt Assist North East Limited for AdBlue® Services will cost around £240, but we can prevent the hassle, money, expensive downtime period and inconvenience of being recovered in some cases. Please remember: this costly mistake can cause serious damage so this is why we work on a "No Start No Fee" Policy. Why should we charge if we can't get the vehicle away?

If you've put AdBlue® into your fuel please fill out the form below or call our 24-hour mobile number 07769 181136 for assistance.

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